Owner’s Club

This is the portal to everything you will need to start or grow your janitorial cleaning business!  The Owner’s Club is extremely easy to navigate as you walk through the process.  Below is a list of content sections that include downloadable files to use, articles to read, checklists to follow, and videos to learn.  Not to mention we are available to answer your questions and help you grow!

If you want to discuss this decision first – do no hesitate to call and discuss.  Our CEO Dustin Burell can be reached M-F from 8am-4:30pm 210.279.8525.  We want you to be sure this is the right fit before purchase.  No we will not try to sell you on the Owner’s Club!  He will discuss your goals and give honest feedback on if this makes sense for you.

Owner’s Club:

  • Start a Janitorial Business-Formation of Your LLC
  • Janitorial Business Accounting-Cost of Goods Sold, Fraud, IRS and tax planning, Profit and Loss Statements, Balance Sheet, State of Cash, Etc.
  • Website-Building a site to dominate Google (SEO), Contact Forms, Automate your Leads
  • Advertising-Google Adwords and other platforms
  • Vendors-Janitorial Supplies
  • Sales-Bidding, Contracts, Etc.
  • Employees-On-boarding, Payroll, HR, Unemployment Protection, Employee Handbook
  • Insurance-Crime Bonds, General Liability, Etc.
  • New information added monthly to keep you up to date will all areas of your business

Owner’s Club Plus:

  • All aspects of the Owner’s Club access
  • We handle building your website and SEO  (we highly recommend you still learn these skills through the knowledge center and take over when you are ready to save the $$$)

Pricing Options:

Owner’s Club                       $99+sales tax and $45+sales tax/month

Owner’s Club Plus             $1,500+sales tax and $250+sales tax/month (up to 4 hrs access to our support team per month)

*additional support time billed at $75/hr

Join The Owners Club

We welcome you to the Owners Club!  Founder Dustin Burell will be here for you when called upon and we will work with you to drive clients, post blogs, post fresh new content to keep your business moving forward, and be here to provide personal support.  We are a team of Non-Franchised cleaning business owners that will collaborate and grow together. Please do not make the mistake of paying up to $28,000 plus 5% of all sales for life just for a catchy name and crappy support. We do not want a percentage of sales and you can cancel at anytime if you feel we are no longer growing your business.  We bet you won’t! We are owners like you and have learned so much we want to share through BLUECOOPER Janitorial Services based in San Antonio and Central Texas.  And the best part is we have Owners Club retreats where we become family and grow together!

Owner’s Club Purchase:

This site and its contents are provided solely for personal use, including the online purchase of the Owner’s Club Access depicted above, and for no other purpose. Such materials may not be transferred, linked, reproduced, re-transmitted or otherwise distributed or displayed, in whole or in part for other websites, unless you receive written permission from us.  Owner’s Club Access purchases are non-refundable due to the nature of the purchase.  Once the information is displayed upon purchase the materials have been utilized with no ability to refund and remove the information you have received.  Owner’s Club Members can cancel at anytime and monthly fee will be stopped before the next billing cycle.

Owner's Club

Owner’s Club